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The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers

Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS)
Section of Civil Engineers
Jarška cesta 10 b
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Phone:   +386 1 547 3340
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Facts at your fingertips

Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS) is the umbrella association for more than 5,500 authorised engineers. It consists of six professional Sections as follows:
MSG – Section of civil engineers (2,255 members);
MSE – Section of electrical engineers (1,485 members);
MSS – Section of mechanical engineers (1,210 members);
MST – Section of engineers of technology and other engineers (220 members);
MSGeo – Section of land surveyors (220 members);
MSR – Section of mining and geotechnical engineers (110 members).

Foundation date: 21st November 1996

Policy overview
Main areas of activity:
1. ensuring the provision of professional examinations (in order to be responsible for project design, works management, auditing and to be authorised land surveyors)
2. administering a register of authorised engineers
3. promoting and organising further professional training
4. informing members
5. setting out professional principles (good practice)
6. conducting supervision of the observation of the IZS code of professional ethics
7. international cooperation

IZS performs the activities specified in points 1 and 2 as a public authorisation pursuant to the provisions of the Construction Act and provisions of the Legal Act governing the performance of land surveying activities.

Registers of authorised engineers:
Individuals entered in the registers as:

  • responsible project designers,
  • responsible auditors,
  • responsible work managers,
  • responsible land surveyors

Holding of Professional Examinations
Types of professional examinations:

  • Basic
  • Supplementary

Basic professional examinations:

  • The examination for responsible project design
  • The examination for responsible works management

Supplementary professional examinations:

  • The examination for responsible project design
  • The examination for responsible auditing
  • The examination for responsible works management

Standards of knowledge, the programmes for professional examinations and the manner in which they are held are prescribed by the Minister responsible for planning and construction matters.

Main documents

  • Slovenian Construction Act
  • Slovenian law governing the performance of land surveying activities
  • Statute and other chamber acts
  • Electronic register of authorised engineers
  • Minimum tariff conditions for performing activities of construction project design and other project design, the provision of land surveying services and the auditing of construction and other plans.

To aid your understanding of our responses, please note that the following abbreviations are used in our responses throughout this publication:

IZS  -  Slovenian Chamber of Engineers
MSG - Section of Civil Engineers
ZGO - Construction Act

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