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Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers(HKIG)
Hrvatska komora inženjera građevinarstva
Ulica grada Vukovara 271
(Chromosov toranj)
10000 Zagreb


Phone:   +385 1 5508 447
Fax:     +385 1 5508 424

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The Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers is an independent professional organization which protects the reputation, honor and rights of chartered civil engineers. It promotes, represents and coordinates their common interests before national and other authorities in the country and abroad and it makes certain that chartered civil engineers consciously and in accordance with the law and public interest carry out their duties and thereby protect and develop the construction heritage of Croatia.
The Chamber as an association of competent and responsible professionals in an active social environment acts as a social partner who has something to say, who should act in synergy with others in order to improve the profession, its dignity, accountability and efficiency for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole.

President: Nina Drazin Lovrec

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