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Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers(HKIG)
Hrvatska komora inženjera građevinarstva
Ulica grada Vukovara 271
(Chromosov toranj)
10000 Zagreb


Phone:   +385 1 5508 447
Fax:     +385 1 5508 424

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Croatian Association of Civil Engineers (HSGI; is the association of Civil Engineering Societies operating in the larger towns in Croatia. Its members are civil engineers, regardless of their professional affiliation. Students of civil engineering and retired engineers may also be members. The members are organised in 30 societies located in major towns and counties of the Republic of Croatia and in the following specialised societies which are members of the HSGI: Society of Structural Engineers, Society of Geotechnical Engineers, Society for High Dams, Project Management Society, Construction Management Society, Society for Hydrotechnical Works, Highway Engineering Society, etc.

HSGI membership is not mandatory. Every member regularly receives the monthly journal Građevinar (Civil Engineer), which is a renowned scientific-professional journal with a monthly circulation of 4,000 copies.

In the scope of its annual programme, HSGI organises various training sessions, courses and seminars, and other significant events for the further education of its members.  Thus as many as 600 persons complete various courses organised by HSGI each year. At the main four-year event, the "Congress of Croatian Builders", the members discuss relevant topics of interest to their profession.  HSGI also has a long standing tradition in publishing.  Every year it publishes 4-5 professional titles, of which at least two to three have the status of university- level textbooks.
In Croatia, there are currently some 6,000 graduate civil engineers (with university diploma) and 4,200 civil engineers (with high school diploma), although it should be noted that no official statistics are available in this respect.

Licensed engineers and architects involved in the design, supervision of construction works, and project inspection/monitoring activities, are grouped together in the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Engineers in the Construction Industry.  The Chamber has five Chapters (Architects, Civil Engineers, Survey Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers). Each Chapter performs its activities quite independently from the umbrella organisation. Thus the Chapter of Licensed Civil Engineers, with as many as 3,100 active members, is the formal member representing Croatia in ECCE.

The Chapter of Licensed Civil Engineers and the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers cooperate quite closely with one another and even have a joint Board for International Cooperation. The information about international activities is regularly distributed to all members.

Number of active members in the organisation
(in its five Chapters)
2,600 architects
3,100 civil engineers
1,700 electrical engineers
   600 geodetic engineers
   125 mechanical engineers
Form of legal establishment: Established in accordance with legal requirements.
Associated societies: Croatian Engineering Association (HIS) (see below)
Croatian Association of Civil Engineers (HSGI)
Joint activities based on mid-term and short-term (annual) planning

The Croatian Engineering Association is the umbrella association for all engineering societies in Croatia. Its members are:

  • Hrvatsko agronomsko društvo (Croatian Agricultural Society),
  • Udruženje hrvatskih arhitekata (Association of Croatian Architects),
  • HO CIGRE (Croatian National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems),
  • Hrvatski elektroinženjerski savez (Croatian Electrical Engineering Association),
  • Hrvatski savez građevinskih inženjera (Croatian Association of Civil Engineers),
  • Hrvatsko društvo građevinskih konstruktora (Croatian Society of Structural Engineers),
  • Hrvatsko geodetsko društvo (Croatian Geodetic Society),
  • Hrvatsko društvo za goriva i maziva (Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants),
  • Hrvatsko društvo kemijskih inženjera i tehnologa (Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists),
  • Hrvatsko društvo za kvalitetu (Croatian Society for Quality),
  • Hrvatsko društvo za mehaniku (Croatian Society for Mechanics),
  • Hrvatska udruga za mehaniku stijena (Croatian Society for Rock Mechanics),
  • Hrvatska udruga za mehaniku tla i geotehni�?ko inženjerstvo (Croatian Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering),
  • Hrvatsko mjeriteljsko društvo (Croatian Metrology Society),
  • Hrvatsko metalurško društvo (Croatian Metallurgical Society),
  • Hrvatska udruga naftnih inženjera i geologa (Croatian Society of Oil Engineers and Geologists),
  • Hrvatsko društvo održavatelja (Croatian Maintenance Society),
  • Društvo za kulturu pejzaža (Landscape Preservation Society),
  • Društvo za plastiku i gumu (Society for Plastics and Rubber),
  • Udruga za promicanje zaštite ljudi u radnoj i životnoj okolini (Society for the Protection of People in their Working and Living Environment),
  • Udruga hrvatskih rudarskih inženjera (Society of Croatian Mining Engineers),
  • Hrvatski strojarski i brodograđevni inženjerski savez (Croatian Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding Association),
  • Hrvatsko šumarsko društvo (Croatian Forestry Society),
  • Hrvatski inženjerski savez tekstilaca (Croatian Textile Engineering Association),
  • Hrvatsko vakuumsko društvo (Croatian Vacuum Society),
  • Hrvatsko društvo za zaštitu materijala (Croatian Society for Materials Protection),
  • Hrvatska udruga inženjera i tehni�?ara za osiguravanje plovidbe zrakoplova (Croatian Society of Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians),
  • Hrvatski laboratoriji - CROLAB (Croatian Laboratories - CROLAB).

The Government body certifying eligibility to represent civil engineers:
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Spatial Planning and Construction of the Republic of Croatia, Republike Austrije 20, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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