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Association of Civil Engineers of Greece

Association of Civil Engineers of Greece (ACEG)
9, Ipokratous str.
106 79 Athens


Phone:   +30 210923 8170 
Fax:     +30 210923 8800

Facts at your fingertips

Association of Civil Engineers of Greece ( A.C.E.G.---Σ.Π.Μ.Ε.)  has 17,000 diploma civil engineers as members from every part of Greece.

The A.C.E.G. was established in 1961 as a private civil association by Court permission. There are not associated societies but local branches in the main cities of Greece.

ACEG operates as an independent scientific non-profit organisation. Its goal is to further enhance the scientific level of Greek civil engineers, to defend their financial & professional interests and to participate in the study and application of national programmes which will improve the technical infrastructure of Greece.

The Technical Chamber of Greece is the official organisation to certify that A.C.E.G. is the only association to represent civil engineers all over Greece. Subscription to the Technical Chamber in Greece is obligatory by law.

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