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The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers conducts and certifies the qualification of professional engineers. The Hungarian Association of Engineers was formed in 1866. It did not function during the communist era. The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (HCE) was re-formed in 1989 and it became a public organisation in 1996, when the Hungarian Parliament approved the "Act of Designing and Expert Engineers and Architects".

An engineering diploma and engineering practice (MSc degree + minimum two years’ practice or BSc degree + minimum five years practice) is needed for the membership of the HCE. The authorisation to design or to be an expert has additional conditions: a required quantity of engineering subjects in the curriculum and a report on the candidate's training and experience. The HCE has 19 professional branches (e.g. building, structural, protection of environment, geotechnics, electrical, water management, installation, etc.).

Every branch has a Qualification Committee. These committees control the candidate's report and the candidate's diploma and on the basis of the diploma and practice they may give the authorisation to the applied field.

Every year the HCE publishes a "Register Book of Authorised Designers and Experts". This book is sent to professional offices, councils, larger enterprises and to the members of HCE.

In Hungary a designer’s entitlement is required for persons intending to perform engineering-designing activities subject to a permit, and a special expert’s entitlement is required before an expert opinion, or advice can be given.

Granting membership and establishing entitlement of non-Hungarian citizen engineers is administered by the Chamber under a single procedure. Entitlement-establishment in Hungary of citizens of the European Economic Region (EER comprises the European Union plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) is administered in part by the Chamber, in part by the competent ministry. On the basis of the documents presented to the Chamber by the applicant EGT-citizen engineer, the Chamber, acts on his/her behalf and submits the application to the ministry. The Chamber relies upon the results given by the ministry, and decides upon the entitlement.

The criteria for entitlement (qualification, academic degree: MSc or BSc, further the prescribed number of years of designing practice) according to which HCE grants Category “A”, or Category “B” entitlement are set out in the Order on the detailed rules of entitlement.

The criteria for obtaining entitlement are as follows:

  • Membership of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (HCE) with paid membership fee
  • “Entitlement Licence” issued (on application) by the HCE and on the basis thereof entry into the Chamber’s official “Register of Designers and Experts”.

Designers’ categories and the relevant entitlements:

Designers in a specific area are classified into two categories, depending on their qualification and expertise:

  • Designer Category “A” (also called “leading designer”) is entitled to perform any designing activity in his specific area.
  • Designer Category “B” (also called “designer”) is entitled to design projects listed in the order which sets out the detailed rules of entitlement. Designers of a lower level of qualification are allowed to design on their own responsibility simpler projects which present a lower risk only.

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