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Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers

Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers (SKSI)
Mýtna 29
P.O. Box 10
810 05 Bratislava


Phone:   +421 252 495 042 
Fax:     +421 252 444 093


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Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers (Slovenská komora stavebných inžinierov - SKSI) is a self-governing professional organisation established by the Act of the Slovak National Council No. 138/1992 Coll. on Authorised Architects and Authorised Civil Engineers as amended by subsequent regulations.

In 1913, the Chamber of Civil and Mining Engineers, in cooperation with other organisations of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, was established by law . After the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak Republic, the Engineering Chamber of Czechoslovakia was founded on 13th March 1920.

The Civil Engineering Chamber was dissolved in 1951. It was renewed 41 years later in 1992 by the above-mentioned Act No. 138/1992 Coll.

The main tasks of the Chamber include:

  • participation in the protection of public interest in the sphere of building and protection of the rights of the individual members of our chamber;
  • supporting the international exchange of members and contributing to the development of the building and construction industry;
  • safeguarding international exchange of professional knowledge with scientific institutions;
  • defending and supporting engineers’ rights and professional interests, and supporting the professional credit between engineers;
  • ensuring that civil engineers practice their profession in a professional manner, in compliance with ethics in the manner established by the relevant national acts and directives as well as by the regulations of the chamber.

Our membership comprises authorised civil engineers, voluntary members, and legal persons.

In accordance with the law, the Chamber issues certificates (licences) for authorised civil engineers, building works managers, building supervisor

Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers is also the authority for the recognition of professional qualification of civil engineers who want to perform their professional activities in Slovakia.

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