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The Russian Society of Civil Engineering (RSCE)

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The Russian Society of Civil Engineering (RSCE) was founded in 1993 as the successor of the Russian Society of Civil Engineers which was established in 1893 in St. Petersburg according to the Charter of Russian Tsar.
The main goals of the RSCE are:
• To present interests of Russian civil engineers in governmental, law making bodies, public organizations of Russian Federation and foreign countries.
• To improve the contribution of scientific and technical progress in construction industry of Russia.
• Proceeding of wide discussion concerning the most actual problems in construction in civil engineering society.
• Postgraduate attestation of Russian civil engineers according to international standards.
• Participate as an expert body for the estimation of the most significant projects with Russian contractor and designing companies’ participation.
RSCE is the leading member of the National Council of civil engineering association of Russia, combining biggest public bodies, working in the field of construction.

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