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MD RSCE is a place for debating state policy matters, working out of the joint professional opinion and forming Moscow region civil community proposals on vital issues of the construction industry.
MD RSCE is a modern methodological center which renders scientific, technical, consulting and educational support to construction organizations of the region.
MD RSCE is not only a professional community, but a union of construction industry professionals. Our members are top managers of construction industry of Moscow and its region. The team of professional architects, project designers, engineers, economists, inventors and scientists of Moscow region has joined their knowledge, experience and efforts in order to restore objects of culture heritage, to erect new beautiful and useful buildings, to up-bring worthy generation of young construction workers and to have the opportunity to influence the adoption of the true legislation regulating the construction activity. MD RSCE is a member of the European Council of Civil Engineers.

About the Society
More than 100 years ago in St. Petersburg the Russian Society of Civil Engineers was established. The Charter of the Society of Civil Engineers determined the following main conditions of its creation and principles of its activity: "The rapid progress in people life puts forward new and new requirements to engineering and increase the seriousness of objectives which civil engineers face in their everyday activity. At the same time the moral responsibility has increased for unsatisfactory fulfillment of those objectives leading to severe aftermaths. From that respect the due time assistance in the form of advice from a more experienced colleague can hardly be underestimated.
The mutual support of each other is a cornerstone of the Russian Society of Civil Engineers establishment and that helps to make us more efficient which in its turn increases the benefit we can bring to the altar of our beloved Fatherland."
The engineering intelligentsia has always played a tremendous role in undergoing processes at every historical stage of the country development. It could not stay apart from the tremendous political and economical reforms of the 90s of the XX century which radically impacted the conditions and further development of the construction industry.
The new economic conditions urged the revival of engineering construction intelligentsia, unity of leading engineers, specialists, scientists, top managers and founders of construction complex for active participation in undergoing processes.
Due to that on the initiative of a group of engineers, heads of enterprises and organizations of the construction industry in 1993 the Russian Society of Civil Engineers and its Moscow department were established, the abridged MD RSCE, as a voluntary public organization on the basis of physical persons union.
The Charter of RSCE, which was adopted by the 1st congress, proclaims: "The main goal of the Society is a promotion of investments in construction sphere, an increase of the Russian engineering intelligentsia role, of the status and prestige of the profession due to high authority and competence of its members which correspond to international requirements and competence of construction engineers."
It should be emphasized that Society of Civil Engineers is not a professional union, but the union of professionals.
The Russian Society of Civil Engineers has undergone several stages. At the initial stage RSCE and MD RSCE intentionally limited the number of their members, considering that only a very simple organizational and management structure, lack of sufficient material and legal base in conditions of economic crisis and reforms of the whole country could win certain authority and role in public life and only after that they could become a really mass professional organization.
At the second stage the Society started to cooperate actively with the State Duma, Gosstroy of the Russian Federation and corresponding bodies of the RF subjects. It took part in working out norms and methods documentation, scientific and technical activity, expertise of major projects, in Expert councils under License centers, as well as the whole system of state expertise. The representatives of MD RSCE became members of many public Councils and commissions within the bodies of state government.
In 1998 the Council of public associations and professional organizations (13 major organizations) in investment-construction sphere, acting in accordance with adopted thesis and working plans, was established. It involved RSCE, MD RSCE, Union of Architects, Union of Builders, RAASN and others and was headed by the Chairman of the Board of RSCE.
MD RSCE together with the Association of engineering colleges worked out the concept approaches to the system of post-college professional education and attestation of specialists from construction industry in accordance with the requirements, conditions and methods adopted by the International Institute of Civil Engineers (IICE). The resolution was approved and further implemented in organizing within MD RSCE and on the basis of MSCU "Attestation Centre of construction industry specialists and members of MD RSCE" (ACCIS).
All abovementioned makes it obvious that one of the main objectives of MD RSCE is an accomplishment on a voluntary basis persistent professional education and attestation of its members in accordance with the prescribed categories in compliance with the international requirements and norms.
The previous MD RSCE activity made it possible for the Society to initiate the next stage of its development, i.e. the stage of establishment of the national mass society of civil engineers.
Unconditionally the existence the National Russian Society of Civil Engineers will accelerate the process of Russia integration in the sphere of capital construction, working out of standards and legal base, practical usage of project and construction methods, implementation of efficient scientific and technical achievements. That will enable to provide the competitiveness of the local construction enterprises and organizations, as well as their production on the Russian market.
The achieving by MD RSCE of a certain activity level and authority in the society requires huge work, a lot of time and resources, but there is no alternative.
The Board of RSCE and MD RSCE is sure that the Society in its activity as an independent public organization will get more and more support from its members and state governmental bodies.
Lately the consolidation of public associations and organizations of investment and construction sphere has been observed.

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