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Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers (PIIB)
Ul. Kujawska 1
00-793 Warszawa


Phone:   +48 22 828 31 89
Fax:     +48 22 827 07 51


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A trade self-government, next to legislative institutions, regulative structures, economy and business, constitutes an important pillar of the State of law. The activity of the trade self-government of civil engineers is regulated by the following provisions:

• the Building Law Act and acts on trade self-governments of architects, civil engineers and town planners,
• ministerial regulations: on independent technical functions in the building industry, on disciplinary procedures in respect to members of trade self-governments, on conditions of obligatory third-party insurance,
• internal resolutions: the statutes and rules and regulations of the chamber.

The Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers groups almost one hundred and fifteen thousand engineers and technicians with building qualifications in the following specialities: architecture, construction and building, roads, bridges, demolition, railway, telecommunications, installations of heating, ventilation, gas, water and sewage networks, systems and devices, electrical and power systems and devices.

The Chamber membership is compulsory and only those entered into the list of its members are entitled to perform independent technical functions in the building industry, i.e. to pursue the profession of a designer, a construction manager, a contract engineer or a construction
supervision inspector. The third-party insurance due to the profession pursued is also compulsory.

The tasks of the self-government include, in particular:

• exercising supervision over diligent and scrupulous performance of the profession by members of chambers,
• representation and protection of professional interests of its members,
• establishing the rules of the ethics of the profession and supervision over the observance thereof,
• granting and refusing/taking away building qualifications in particular specialities and conferring the title of a building expert/surveyor,
• recognition of professional qualifications of foreigners,
• cooperation with government administration and local government bodies, as well as with other trade self-governments and associations,
• providing opinion on minimum program requirements in respect to the professional education of civil engineers as well as making proposals regarding these issues,
• trade self-government’s assets and business management,
• conducting proceedings regarding the professional and disciplinary liability of members of trade self-governments,
• providing opinion on draft normative acts regarding the building industry,
• organization and administration of mutual aid institutions and other forms of material assistance to members of trade self-governments,
• keeping the lists of members of trade self-governments,
• implementation of statutory tasks.

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