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Georgian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE)
4, Freedom Square, block 2B
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Phone: +995 (32) 2931001
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Georgian Society of Civil Engineers (GSCE)

Georgian Society of Civil Engineers (GSCE) is officially registered according to Georgian Civil Code and represents a non-enterprising (non-commercial legal entity based on membership. Georgian building traditions go back to III-IV centuries A.D.; Further development of these traditions substantiated establishment of Georgian Society of Civil Engineers in 1898.
Georgian Society of Civil Engineers has basic goals of its activities as follows:    
  • cooperation with European Council of Civil Engineers;
  • support of Georgian civil engineers  professional education, raising of their status and prestige and representation of those in Europe;
  • contribution, maintenance of technical, normative and professional standards;
  • establishment and development of relationships with international public organizations;
  • Georgian scientific and technical progress promotion and economical and social development contribution;
  • Future engineers provision with international knowledge and experience.

Basic activities are to be carried out through the following committees:
•    civil building, design
•    power
•    transport
•    environment protection
•    professional education of engineers
•    new technologies
•    research - technical progress

Supreme managing body of the Society is a general meeting, which is to be held once in 3 years. All members of the Society are authorized to participate in a general meeting. President is elected by a general meeting. Activities of the Society are managed by the Managing Board. At present the Society consists of 250 members. Georgian Society of Civil Engineers is an official member of the European Council of Civil Engineers.

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