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Malta (MT)


Kamra tal Periti (Chamber of Architects & Civil Engineers)

Kamra tal-Periti
The Professional Centre
Sliema Road
Gzira GZR 06


 Phone:   +356 21 314 265
 Fax:   +356 21 314 265

Facts at your fingertips

The Kamra tal Periti (Chamber of Architects & Civil Engineers - KTP) is constituted in terms of Article 8(1) of Act. No.XIV of 1996, in continuation of the Chamber established by Ordinance No.XIV of 1919 (Government Notice No.202 of the 12 June 1920), and is intended for the advancement and regulation of the profession, the defence of its rights and for keeping high its prestige.


All Periti (architects and civil engineers) who hold a Warrant to practice the profession in Malta are automatically considered to have become Ordinary Members of the Kamra on the same date as their inclusion in the Register of Warrant Holders. Such membership status makes them subject to the Code of Professional Conduct and to the Kamra's disciplinary procedures. The Ordinary Member status can be upgraded to Full Member status which gives the Perit the added benefit of participating in full in the activities of the Kamra.


The Mission of Kamra tal Periti is to support members of the profession in achieving excellence in their practice of architecture and civil engineering in the interest of the community.

The Council of KTP for 2008:

David Felice

Chairperson, Ethics Committee
Vincent Cassar

Vice President
Co-ordinator, Centre for the Built Environment Work Group
Alberto Miceli Farrugia

Built Environment Committee
Damian Vella Lenicker

Professional Practice Committee
Danica Mifsud

Communications & Events Committees
Keith Cole

Education Committee
Frank Giordmaina Medici Chairperson
Finance Committee
Philip Grech

Built Environment Committee
Anthony Fenech Vella
International Committee
Etienne Micallef Grimaud
Vice Chairperson
Communications and Events Committee
Simone Vella Lenicker
Honorary Secretary

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