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Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers

Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers (LSIS)

Saulėtekio al.11, SRK-I-310,

Vilnius, LT-10223, Lithuania


Phone:   +370 523 41817

Facts at your fingertips

Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers (LSIS - Lietuvos statybos inžinierių sąjunga).

The number of members in the organisation is around 900.

Form of legal establishment:

The Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers was established in September 1989. Officially the Association was registered in the Council of Ministers of Lithuania on 5th of March 1990. Document No 57.

LSIS was one of the first professional organisations, which started activities after re-establishment of Lithuanian independence.

The main goals of the Lithuanian Section of ECCE are:

  • to maintain high professional standards of its members;
  • to disseminate technical standards and achievements of science;
  • to promote continuing professional development and lifelong learning;
  • to influence government, civil engineering industry and public debate;
  • to represent the civil engineering community within ECCE;
  • to protect public interests in civil engineering.

At the present LSIS does not have associated societies. Other societies in the construction sector act autonomously.

President: Saulius Bekampis

Managing director: Linas Adomavičius 

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