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Serbian Chamber of Engineers

Serbian Chamber of Engineers
Bulevar Vojvode Mišića Br. 37
Belgrade, 11000,


tel: +381 11 655-74-10
fax: +381 11 2648-523


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The Serbian Chamber of Engineers is a non-profit professional organization, established by the Law on Planning and Construction in 2003, in order to improve the conditions for performing professional activities in spatial and urban planning, design and construction and in other fields of relevance for planning and construction, protect the general and individual interests in these fields, organize rendering of services in these fields, and also to achieve other objectives set by the Chamber Statute.

The members of the Chamber are the university graduate engineers of architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electricals, transport and other technical engineers, as well as the university graduate space planners, who hold the licence issued by the Chamber.

The Chamber issues the licences for: responsible planners, responsible urban planning engineers, responsible designers and responsible contracting engineers. For 15 years, it has more than 28,000 members (16000 active members and 12000 retired members) and it has issued 49,950 licenses (for responsible planners 299, for responsible urban planning engineers 1549, for responsible designers 26437 and for responsible contracting engineers 22051 licenses).

Serbian Chamber of Engineers has been organizing training and passing Professional exams to engineers from all fields, since 2010.

It has been conducting a cycle of one-day lectures and courses on the most topical subjects, fields and problems related to the engineering theory and practice, within its project of the permanent professional development intended for its members. The topics include different fields in design, construction, urban planning, spatial planning, management, information technology, and the issues in connection with the legal procedures.

The Serbian Chamber of Engineers is a member of the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC), European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE), and World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and also has good cooperation with all chambers in the region.

Vice President of the Managing Board of Serbian Chamber of Engineers

Latinka Obradovic, M.Sc.Civ.Eng.

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