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Engineers Chamber of Montenegro - Civil Engineers Chamber

Inženjerska komora Crne Gore - Komora građevinskih inženjera
Bul. Džordža Vašingtona 31


Phone:   +382 20 228 295
Fax:     +382 20 228 294

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The Engineers Chamber of Montenegro is a legal entity with rights and obligation determined by Law and Chamber's Statute.

The Engineers Chamber of Montenegro attends to the improvement of expertise and the protection of interests of its members, protection of public interest in the area of construction, enhancement of conditions for the performance of activities in the field of construction and exercise public authorities stipulated by the Law.

A natural person performing the activity governed by the present Law may be a Chamber member.
Member of the Chamber may also be a foreign natural person.

The Chamber performs the following tasks:

  1. improve and ensure vocational training of its members;
  2. keep the registry of the Chamber members;
  3. keep the registry of members with suspended membership in the Chamber;
  4. propose technical base maps for the development of regulations;
  5. fix the amount of membership fee of its members;
  6. protect, coordinate and represent interests of its members;
  7. adopt the code of ethics and ensure its implementation and
  8. govern disciplinary accountability, conduct disciplinary procedures against its members and impose disciplinary measures.

The tasks set out in para.1 items1 and 4 of this Article shall be performed by the Chamber as a public authority.
Supervision over the performance of tasks set out in para. 2 of this Article shall be conducted by the Ministry.

The Chamber serves as a representative and an agent to its members in the country and abroad and establishes, maintains and improves cooperation with professional associations of other countries in the field of construction. The Engineers Chamber of Montenegro is a member of the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC), European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE), and World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and also has good cooperation with all chambers in the region.

President of The Engineers Chamber of Montenegro
Nikola Luković, M.Sc.Civil engineer

ECCE National Delegates:
- Olga Radulović, M.Sc.Civil engineer
- Nikola Luković, M.Sc.Civil engineer

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