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Linking civil engineers all over Europe

The European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) was created in 1985 out of the common concern of the professional bodies for Civil Engineers in Europe that the Civil Engineers working together across Europe could offer much more to assist Europe advance its built Environment and protect the natural environment.

At the European Union level, ECCE aims to promote the highest technical and ethical standards, to provide a source of impartial advice, and promote co-operation with other pan-European organisations in the construction industry. ECCE also advises and influences individual governments and professional institutions, formulates standards and achieves a mutual compatibility of different regulations controlling the profession, and formulates standards for a European Code of Conduct of the Civil Engineering Profession and disciplinary procedures applicable throughout the Union.

ECCE formulates guidelines to maintain and raise standards of civil engineering education, training and professionals competence, as well as assisting in achieving mutual compatibility of Euro codes, standards and regulations in the related industry and encouraging and improving levels of safety and quality in the industry.

ECCE is active in such areas as the environment, research and development, education and training, ethics, continuing professional development, transportation and liability, as well as organising workshops and conferences.