European Council


Civil Engineers

72nd ECCE General Meeting

11 June 2021, via Zoom

The 72nd ECCE General Meeting was held on Friday 11th June 2021, 11:00 - 16:15 EEST in a virtual environment via Zoom.

The 72nd ECCE General Meeting gathered 41 delegates from the ECCE Full and Associate Members as well as invited guests from its partner organizations.


72nd ECCE General Meeting materials:

Agenda for the 72nd ECCE General Meeting

ECCE brief activity report October 2020 - June 2021

ECCE book "Notes on the history of civil engineering Vol. II" presentation

ECCE Strategic Plan survey presentation

Construction News presentation

New European Bauhaus presentation

2021 ECCE ExBo Elections Instructions

73rd ECCE GM and Building Engineering Forum presentation 

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