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ECCE Manifesto for Action for the EU term 2024-2029

ECCE calls on future EU policy makers to ensure a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future for all European citizens

ECCE Manifesto for Action for the EU Term 2024–2029: Shaping a Sustainable Future for Europe

Since its establishment in 1985, the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) has been a committed advocate for the cooperation of European civil engineers, recognising their critical role in advancing society. With the upcoming European elections in 2024, ECCE presents its Manifesto for Action, outlining essential priorities for the EU term 2024-2029. This manifesto is not just a call to action but a continuation of ECCE's Strategic Plan 2023-2030, ensuring alignment with our long-term goals and reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable and resilient Europe.

Addressing Ageing and Dilapidated Infrastructure and Buildings

Strategic Alignment: Societal Factors and Impact

Europe's infrastructure is the backbone of its economic vitality and social cohesion. However, much of this infrastructure is ageing and in urgent need of maintenance and modernization. ECCE calls for:

  • Common Legal Regulations: Unified legal frameworks for infrastructure and building maintenance and safety, ensuring all citizens benefit from consistent high standards of safety and reliability.
  • Adequate Funding: Securing sufficient public and private investment to support comprehensive assessment, inspection, and maintenance of infrastructure.

Connection to Strategic Plan:

ECCE's Strategic Plan emphasises promoting maintenance and modernization of infrastructure, aligning directly with our call for common regulations and funding to ensure a resilient built environment.


Tackling the Shortage of Qualified Engineers

Strategic Alignment: Education, Research, and Knowledge Transfer

The engineering profession faces a significant shortfall in qualified personnel, jeopardising the quality and safety of construction projects. ECCE advocates for:

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Mandatory ongoing professional development to ensure engineers possess up-to-date skills.
  • Adequate Fees for Qualified Engineering Services: Ensuring engineering fees reflect the high level of expertise and responsibility required to provide the best services for citizens and society.

Connection to Strategic Plan:

ECCE's strategic theme of Education, Research, and Knowledge Transfer includes expanding the sharing of research and promoting knowledge transfer, essential for continuous professional development.


Combating Climate Change

Strategic Alignment: Sustainability, European Impact, and International Outlook

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. Civil engineers play a crucial role in mitigating its effects through sustainable design and construction practices. ECCE demands:

  • Quality-Based Service Awards: Awarding engineering services based on quality, ensuring durable, safe, and environmentally sustainable projects.
  • Holistic Approach to Sustainability: Integrating safety as a fundamental component of sustainability.

Connection to Strategic Plan:

The Strategic Plan's focus on sustainability and promoting high health and safety standards directly supports our demands for quality-based service awards and a comprehensive approach to sustainability.


Our Vision for a Sustainable and Resilient Europe

ECCE envisions a Europe where infrastructure is robust, resilient, and capable of supporting future generations. To achieve this, we must:

  • Legal and Financial Support: Advocate for legislation and financial mechanisms supporting infrastructure maintenance.
  • Investment in Education and Training: Promote continuous education and professional development for engineers.
  • Sustainable and Holistic Practices: Champion engineering solutions prioritising safety and sustainability.

Connection to Strategic Plan:

The Strategic Plan's themes and core activities, such as promoting digitalization in construction, supporting "Construction Declares," and improving communication and dissemination of research, align seamlessly with our vision for a sustainable and resilient Europe.

By adhering to these principles, Europe can rise to meet its challenges, ensuring a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future for all its citizens. ECCE is committed to leading this effort and calls on policymakers, industry leaders, and the public to join us in this crucial endeavour.

Together, we can build a stronger Europe.







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