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Celebrating 2018 as the European Year of Civil Engineers

The European Council of Civil Engineers has marked 2018 as the European Year of Civil Engineers, a year when Civil Engineering will be celebrated across Europe.

As part of this celebration, the European Council of Civil Engineers has decided to provide the two ECCE book editions "Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe" and "Footbridges - Small is beautiful" free of charge in electronic format. 

The two books are available for anyone who is interested in civil engineering which is one of the oldest domains of human activity – its history is as long as the history of civilization.

The book "Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe" is composed of contributions from ECCE member organizations and promotes Civil Engineering through presentation of emblematic civil engineering projects already built in Europe. With 384 pages and 502 photographs, our book presents 208 different structures from 17 ECCE member countries.

The book "Footbridges - Small is beautiful" is the second book prepared by ECCE on the subject of cultural and technical heritage in civil engineering and architecture. The task of the Task Force Civil Engineering Heritage was to undertake as comprehensive as possible a review of the achievements of human expertise in the construction of bridges specifically intended for pedestrians. 

Some details about the book:

  • the book contains 416 pages
  • a total of 196 footbridges (179 in Europe and 17 in Japan) are presented in words and pictures
  • the book contains a total of 613 photographs, including 43 two-page spreads
  • important events in the history of bridge building are covered in a 34-page section
  • more than 70 different authors from Europe and Japan have contributed to the book
  • the book presents a rich and diverse selection of footbridges of various kinds, many of them world record holders
  • both historic and modern bridges are included
  • the key criteria for the selection of individual bridges were their technical and architectural features and characteristics, while some are simply attractive


Download "Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe"


Download "Footbridges - Small is beautiful"

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