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ECCE attends the Workshop "Reforming Professional Services"

11 July 2017, Brussels

ECCE Vice President / President Elect Mr. Aris Chatzidakis, attended the Workshop
“Reforming Professional Services” that was held on 11th July 2017, in Brussels. Policy
Department A organized for IMCO Committee this workshop on reforming professional
services. The workshop was chaired by MEP Nicola Danti. Two expert panels focused
on economic effects of regulating professional services and recommendations for policy
-makers. The panels were followed by a roundtable with industry experts.

Presentations of the workshop

MEP Nicola Danti was recently assigned as European Parliament Rapporteur on the
regulated professions file in response to the Commission Communication on reform
recommendations for regulation in professional services.
MEP Danti’s office got in touch with ECCE suggesting a meeting with MEP Danti in
order to exchange views and discuss our opinion on the above mentioned matter. ECCE
invited ECEC to attend a joint meeting with MEP Danti on the same day of the
Workshop. ECCE and ECEC’s fruitful cooperation resulted to a common statement on
“Appropriate regulation for a mobile (civil) engineering profession in Europe” which was
submitted to MEP Danti.

"Appropriate regulation for a mobile (civil) engineering profession in Europe"

A common statement by ECCE and ECEC.

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