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78th ECCE General Meeting

22 - 24 May 2024, Riga, Latvia

Recap of the 78th ECCE General Meeting 

The 78th ECCE General Meeting was held from 22nd to 24th May 2024, in Riga, Latvia, hosted by the Latvian Association of Civil Engineers (LBS). This meeting was particularly significant, celebrating the 100th anniversary of LBS and the 35th anniversary of its reinstatement.

On 24th May, LBS hosted a scientific and practical conference titled "100 Years of the LBS and Its Role in the Development of the Latvian and European Construction Industry"at the Riga Technical University, discussing the role of LBS in the development of the construction industry in Latvia and Europe.

The 78th ECCE General Meeting brought together representatives from civil engineering organizations across Europe to discuss current challenges and opportunities in the profession.

In his opening speech, ECCE President Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Brandner emphasized the need for unity among civil engineers, the importance of professional mobility, and the necessity of addressing global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity. Dr.Sc.Ing. Raimonds Eizensmits, President of LBS, highlighted the historical significance of LBS and its commitment to sustainable practices and high ethical standards.

The meeting was conducted in a hybrid format, with over 30 national delegates attending in person and some joining online. ECCE President led discussions on ECCE's recent activities  presenting the ECCE Activity Report and updates from the construction industry. ECCE Vice President/Treasurer Helena Endriksone presented the topics on the financial issues and management of the organization.

Latvian experts delivered insightful presentations, including topics on the development of civil engineering education in Latvia and the impressive "Silver Grove" open-air stage in Me┼żaparks. Vice President/President Elect Platonas Stylianou reported on the progress of updating the book "Civil Engineering Profession in Europe," highlighting the efforts to reorganize chapters, introduce new ones, and collect data from European countries.

Discussions on building inspection methodology focused on practices in Austria and Cyprus, emphasizing the importance of visual inspections for ensuring the safety of building users and the public. Also, the ECCE General Assembly unanimously approved a proposal to support Ukraine amidst the ongoing war, waiving outstanding fees for the years 2022, 2023, and 2024, and ensuring Ukraine's continued participation in ECCE activities.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of the ECCE Manifesto for Action for the EU Term 2024-2029, aligning with ECCE's Strategic Plan 2023-2030.

The event concluded with cultural visits, traditional Latvian cuisine, and the successful LBS 100 Conference, attended by nearly 500 participants, including prominent figures and ECCE delegates.


The European Council of Civil Engineers extends its gratitude to LBS for their exceptional organization and hospitality, contributing to the success of the 78th ECCE General Meeting.



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