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77th ECCE General Meeting

5 - 7 October 2023, Vilnius, Lithuania

Recap of the 77th ECCE General Meeting

The 77th ECCE General Meeting took place from October 5th to 7th, 2023, at the Artis Centrum Hotel in the beautiful city of Vilnius, hosted by the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers (LSIS). The meeting aimed to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and address the challenges and opportunities facing our profession. It brought together representatives from professional organizations of civil engineers across numerous European countries and the international community.

In his opening speech, at the 77th ECCE General Meeting, the President of the European Council of Civil Engineers Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Brandner, extended a warm welcome and expressed gratitude to the LSIS for hosting this meeting. He highlighted that following the adoption of the ECCE Strategic Plan in the 76th ECCE General Meeting, we are now in the process of working through the individual points and dealing with them, setting priorities in accordance with the guidelines. One of the major topics of this ECCE General Meeting is financial management and membership fees. He emphasized the need for timely payment of membership fees to sustain the organization's activities and introduced the proposed adjustments to the membership fees to maintain a balanced budget. He reassured ECCE members that the ECCE Executive Board is committed to meticulously assessing and reevaluating the methodology behind fee calculations and distribution, with the aim of aligning ECCE's financial planning with the prevailing economic conditions. He also appealed to the commitment of all members to support this plan.

With regard to ECCE's collaboration with the European Commission and the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC), he mentioned that ECCE has been actively engaged in the discussion with the Commission about a Common Training Framework (CTF) for civil engineers. A survey conducted during the summer among members of both organizations provided valuable insights and findings that will be used to shape discussions and reach a workable compromise that benefits civil engineers. The outcomes of these discussions will be reported in due course.

President Brandner also stressed the importance of lifelong learning for civil engineers. In an era of rapid and dramatic changes and developments, he emphasized that it is imperative to continue learning beyond obtaining a license. With the growing emphasis on sustainability, highly qualified civil engineers are uniquely positioned to contribute to the realization of sustainability goals in the planning, construction, and utilization processes. This presents a significant opportunity for engineers to become competent, independent partners for clients in achieving these goals. To further explore this topic, a forum was scheduled at the conclusion of the general assembly, featuring three captivating lectures and a subsequent panel discussion.

President Brandner also referred to the new project that ECCE is working on regarding the update of the book on the civil engineering profession in Europe, pledging the members' active collaboration and support in this endeavor.

Last but not least, he highlighted the efforts to expand ECCE's membership, with ongoing discussions with Italy, Spain, Germany, and other European countries reflecting ECCE's commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among European civil engineers. 

The President of the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers (LSIS), Prof. Zymantas Rudzionis, welcomed colleagues from across Europe to the 77th ECCE General Meeting in Vilnius, highlighting the special significance of 2023 as Vilnius celebrates its 700th anniversary. In his speech, the LSIS President provided insight into the history of LSIS, which was founded over 30 years ago, and its mission to represent civil engineers and disseminate knowledge about the construction sector. With over 800 members, LSIS continues to grow, focusing on addressing key challenges in the field. One of the core challenges mentioned was the pursuit of self-government for civil engineers, enhancing professionalism, particularly in the digital construction field, and the adoption of sustainable construction principles. The President emphasized the importance of environmentally friendly engineering methods in achieving these goals.

The President also highlighted the ECCE Forum of Civil Engineers on Sustainability in Construction, a crucial component of the ECCE General Meeting, which aims to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and address the challenges and opportunities facing the civil engineering profession. He expressed his gratitude to key supporters and invited all participants to actively engage in the Forum on Sustainability in Construction.

The 77th ECCE General Meeting witnessed a significant address by Mr. Ivan Nazarenko, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Council of Civil Engineers, who conveyed congratulations from President Petro Shilyuk and offered insight into the current state of Ukraine, acknowledging the challenging circumstances the nation faces due to large-scale Russian aggression. He mentioned the substantial losses in real estate and infrastructure amounting to approximately $150 billion, with residential housing accounting for a significant portion. He expressed gratitude for the international support received during this difficult time. Mr. Nazarenko highlighted the involvement of Ukrainian engineers in the development of a national program for post-war reconstruction and the need to prepare modern engineering personnel, which faces a shortage. He mentioned their efforts to collaborate with educators, scientists, and construction company leaders and sought assistance from ECCE and its member organizations. He also expressed thanks to ECCE's President Andreas Brander and Secretary General Maria Karanasiou for their support and declared readiness for further cooperation with European colleagues.

Key highlights of the 77th ECCE General Meeting included the presentation of the ECCE Activity Report over the past four months, news from the construction industry, and the presentation and discussion of ECCE financial management by ECCE Vice President/ Treasurer Helena Endriksone. 

The ECCE Vice President/President Elect Platonas Stylianou announced the new ECCE initiative to update the book "Civil Engineering Profession in Europe." Platonas Stylianou heads the Working Group responsible for leading this project, alongside fellow members Andreas Brandner, Jeanette Muñoz Abela, and Maria Karanasiou. This initiative involves the review and update of a book on the European civil engineering profession (last edition in 2005) and the creation of an e-book. The project includes reorganizing existing chapters, introducing new ones, and collecting data from European countries. Guidelines for data collection and online questionnaires are being developed, and the involvement of ECCE members who have volunteered is anticipated. The project aims to establish an online database for information storage and comparison between countries, as well as create a digital and editable book. A timeline outlines key milestones, with completion expected in the second quarter of 2025. This project will provide an up-to-date and accessible resource for the civil engineering profession in Europe. 

The 77th ECCE General Meeting addressed various topics related to sustainable construction practices. LSIS Executive Director, Robertas Encius, presented the results of a survey on sustainability in construction that was launched prior to the meeting among the members of ECCE. The importance of aligning industry goals with sustainable development goals (SDGs) and implementing transformative approaches towards sustainability was highlighted. The challenges and considerations related to BIM implementation, the circular economy, and national-level programs for sustainability were discussed. The importance of waste management, renewable energy sources, Building Information Modeling (BIM), energy efficiency, and training for engineers was emphasized. The limitations of existing sustainability standards, the need for holistic sustainability considerations, and the importance of resilience in building structures were also discussed. The participants stressed the need for broader access to sustainability discussions, systems thinking, and education in engineering knowledge.


ECCE Forum of Civil Engineers on Sustainability in Construction 

The 77th ECCE General Meeting reached its conclusion with the ECCE Forum of Civil Engineers on Sustainability in Construction, an event that united experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from the civil engineering community across Europe to deliberate on and shape the future of sustainable construction. The inaugural address of the ECCE Forum was delivered by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Brandner, ECCE President, alongside Dr. Daiva Veličkaitė-Matuzevičė, Vice-Minister of Environment of Lithuania, and Dainius Čergelis, Head of the Construction and Housing Policy Group at the Ministry of Environment, who set the stage for the ensuing presentations and discussions.

The three keynote speakers at the forum were as follows:

Subsequent to these enlightening presentations, a spirited panel discussion ensued, moderated by Dr. Jeanette Muñoz Abela, an architect, civil engineer, and ECCE Executive Board Member, along with Robertas Encius, LSIS Executive Director. The panel comprised a distinguished lineup of thought leaders, including Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Brandner, ECCE President; Dr. Daiva Veličkaitė-Matuzevičė, Vice-Minister of Environment of Lithuania; Dainius Čergelis, Head of the Construction and Housing Policy Group of the Ministry of Environment; Tomas Blažiūnas, Head of Innovation Department at UAB INHUS Engineering; Paulius Bulota, Director of UAB Peikko Lietuva; Paulius Milčius, Business Development Manager of UAB "VMGcorp"; and Dalius Gedvilas, President of the Lithuanian Construction Association.

The ECCE Forum on Sustainability in Construction provided a platform for experts to underscore the pivotal role of sustainability in the construction industry. During the event, speakers delved into various crucial aspects, including the utilization of renewable materials in public structures, enhanced data accessibility for quality assessments in construction, the adoption of life cycle assessment methodologies, and the utilization of digital tools for sustainability analysis. Moreover, the forum underscored the significance of reducing carbon emissions, accurate modeling, and data analysis in construction processes, emphasizing the need for accessible and reliable data in decision-making. Discussions also revolved around concepts like reusable and disassemblable building structures, the feasibility of construction in challenging winter conditions, and the necessity of macro-level sustainable solutions.

Participants emphasized the importance of education, regulatory measures, and skill development in promoting sustainable practices while addressing challenges such as greenwashing, standardization, and the reuse of connections in construction. Altogether, the resounding message was the imperative to prioritize sustainability and seamlessly integrate it throughout the entire lifecycle of materials in order to create efficient and eco-friendly buildings, all while stressing the value of collaboration and the removal of regulatory obstacles.

As part of the hospitality program organized by the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers, attendees enjoyed traditional Lithuanian gifts that promoted sustainability, experienced traditional Lithuanian cuisine, and participated in dinners and cultural visits.

The comprehensive collection of materials, presentations, and photographs from the 77th ECCE General Meeting are readily accessible for consultation by visiting the links below. 


The European Council of Civil Engineers extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers for successfully organizing the 77th ECCE General Meeting and the ECCE Forum of Civil Engineers on Sustainability in Construction. The ECCE is immensely grateful for their impeccable organizational skills and exceptional hospitality, which contributed to the resounding success of these events.





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