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The European Civil Engineer

The profession of the Civil Engineering is mostly performed where the construction is being made, in Europe or in any part of the world.

Today, within the European Union, construction companies have activities in many countries, so civil engineers have to move to foreign countries and to work all over Europe

To allow this professional movement EU published a Directive on Professional Mobility, to facilitate the recognition of Civil Engineers across Europe.

Nevertheless the Directive considers under this title, professionals with quite different academic or professional backgrounds, what can lead to unclear situations for society.

The EU Directive on Mobility proposes the creation of an European Database of Civil Engineers, interconnected through national organizations.

ECCE appeared in1985 to promote the quality of Civil Engineering with a professional recognition where academic/professional quality is guaranteed by the national organizations.

ECCE as representative of those organizations, and to promote quality in professional recognition, is opening its membership to individual members, allowing for their image recognition as European Civil Engineers.

Join ECCE, be a EUCivEng !




How can I become an ECCE Individual Member?

Please send to ECCE headquarters (

1. Registration Form

2. Document from your ECCE National Organization as a proof that you are member of it

3. Excel sheet with your information

4. Photograph

5. Excel sheet with your name and address 


After receiving the notification of acceptance of your application from the ECCE General Secreatary, you will be asked to proceed to the Payment of the Subscription Fee according to the Payment Details that follow.


What are the Payment Details?

  • To be an ECCE individual member there is an annual fee of 20 euros.
  • If you are older than 65 you pay only once 30 euros and you become member with unlimited validity.
  • You can pay in packages of 3 years (60 euros) or 5 years (100 euros), plus 8 euros, with each package, for mail and printing of a new card.


The payment should be sent by bank transfer to:

National Westminster Bank plc, Charing Cross Branch

BIC                               NWBK GB 2L   

IBAN                            GB28 NWBK 6072 1408 5260 60                        

Bank Address:            National Westminster Bank plc, PO Box 113, Cavell

                                       House, 2A Charing Cross Road, LONDONWC2H 0PD

Account Name:            European Council of Civil Engineers

Account Number:         550/00/08526060

Sort Code:                    60-40-05


Please ensure that your payment includes your name as a reference.


After payment send a copy of the bank transfer to and you will become ECCE member and you will receive the membership card.


The ECCE Cards are printed and sent to the members twice per year. A Certificate of Membership is sent to the members in electronic format after the payment of the subscription fee. 


Presentation of the ECCE Individual Membership and ECCE Card

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