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The Standing Committee on Education & Training was founded at the 44th ECCE General Assembly in Brussels, 10-11 November 2006.
Activities of this standing committee include (but not limited to) the following:

  • To follow developments in the civil engineering curricula and educational systems in the world;
  • To inform the ECCE members and the European civil engineering community about the above mentioned developments.
  • To reflect educational needs and requirements of the profession resulting from the developments in civil engineering practice to the educational institutions and to the policy making bodies;
  • To participate in the activities of the European associations and European projects concerning civil engineering education.

Complying with the terms of reference established by the ECCE Executive Board, the Committee undertook since its foundations surveys and produced reports on important themes such as:

  • changes induced by the Bologna process in civil engineering education in Europe
  • the involvement of ECCE members in the accreditation of civil engineering programmes in Europe 
  • “European Qualification Framework” and learning outcomes in civil engineering education
  • developments in European projects and networks of relevance for civil engineering education and profession in Europe
  • involvement of ECCE members in Continuing education activities related to the implementation of structural Eurocodes.

The Standing Committee on Education & Training monitored closely the participation of ECCE, as partner, in the European projects EUCEET (European Civil Engineering Education and Training), concluded in March 2010, and EUGENE (European and Global Engineering Education), concluded in September 2012.
ECCE is member of the EUCEET Association, being represented at the 5 General Assemblies which took place since 2008 and in the first EUCEET Association Conference “New trends and challenges in civil engineering educations” (Patras, 24-25 November 2011).

Prof. Iacint MANOLIU from Romania

Prof. Barbara Karleuša from Croatia

Materials from the 58th ECCE Meeting (October 2013):

Materials from the 57th ECCE Meeting (May 2013):


SC E&T Session at 57th ECCE GAM

SC E&T Session at 57th ECCE GAM

SC E&T Session at 57th ECCE GAM

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