European Council


Civil Engineers

Associate Membership

Standing Committee

According to ECCE Articles of Association (Article 2.1),  Associate Membership shall be open to:
  •  European Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Contracting Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • other Associations and Organizations
According to the decision of the 49th ECCE General Assembly in 2009, in Ljubljana, the ECCE Associate Membership was activated offering the opportunity and the framework for establishing and participating in a broader network of all the interested partners and stakeholders for contributing to the visibility and the upgrading of the Civil Engineering profession and education.

A special SC on Associate Membership is operating within ECCE established in the 56th ECCE General Assembly, on 26th October 2012, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Main Objectives:

  • Preparing and organizing the meetings of ECCE Associate Members within this SC.
  • Preparing proper information for the Associate Members adjusted to their special interests to be disseminated on a permanent basis.
  • Attracting new Associate Members from all categories.
  • Exchanging views, opinions and formulating positions regarding the activation fields of Associate Members.
  • Proposals for organizing relevant seminars, workshops, conferences and marketing events.
  • Proposals for participation in EU projects and programs.
  • Attracting sponsorships.
  • Networking and lobbying between the Associate Members and Member Associations of ECCE also, for developing various potential engineering scientific, technological, research and professional co-operations, enhancing also the mobility of Civil Engineering Contracting and Consulting Companies.
Vassilis Economopoulos, ECCE Past President

Vice - Chairmen:
Aristides Karlaftis, ADK SA, Greece
Bora Kutruza, Cyprus

Materials from the 58th ECCE General Meeting (October 2013):

For further information please see the relevant document.