European Council


Civil Engineers

Helena Endriksone, ECCE Vice President / Treasurer

1. Personal data
Given name, surname: Helēna Endriksone
Date and place of birth: 24 August 1953
Nationality: Latvian
Citizenship: The Republic of Latvia
Marital status: married


2. Education

Riga Polytechnic Institute, 1973-1978
Diploma: Industrial and Civil Engineering Construction Engineer
issued on 23/06/78


3. Work experience

  • 01/07/2009-present SIA "LBS Konsultants" - Chairperson of the Board
  • 01/09/2006-present Riga Technical University, Institute of Civil Engineering and Real Estate Economics - Lecturer, Assistant Professor
  • 06/01/1998-30/06/2009 State Construction Inspectorate - Deputy Manager, Head of Construction Control Division
  • 01/12/1996-06/01/1998 Lielrīga Regional Environmental Board - Lielrīga Region State Building Inspector
  • 01/06/1994-30/09/1996 Banka Baltija Construction Board - Chief Engineer, 40 bank branches have been built and put into operation
  • 27/01/1987-31/05/1994 R/A "Laukceltnieks" - Senior Engineer at the Production Department, Head of the Construction Work Profit Centre
  • 01/08/1978-26/01/1987 Building Material Ministry, Construction Assembly Department - Construction Work Manager, Production Manager


4. Participation in public organisations

  • European Consortium of European Building Control [CEBC] - 2000-2009, incl. Policy Committee (Board) Member 2006-2009
  • European Council of Civil Engineers [ECCE] - since 2005
  • Latvian Association of Civil Engineers (LACE), Deputy Board Chairperson
  • LACE Deputy Board Chairperson - since 2003
  • LACE Board Member - since 2000
  • Member of the Latvian Association of Civil Engineers - since 1993
  • LACE Construction Specialist Certification Authority (CSCA)
  • Deputy Chairperson of the Scheme Committee since 2004
  • LACE CSCA Chairperson of the Examination Commission since 2003
  • Member of the Latvian Engineering Consultant Association (LECA), Chairperson of the Audit Commission


5. Other skills and knowledge

  • Highest category certificate of competence No.20-006-k, issued by LACE in project management, construction supervision of buildings, technical inspection of buildings and structures;
  • Certificate No.20-085, issued by LACE in management of building works, construction supervision of buildings;
  • Certificate No.20-4356, issued by LACE in management of construction designs, technical inspection of buildings and structures;
  • Certificate No.20-004PV, issued by LACE in project management;
  • Certificate No.20-5447, issued by LACE in expertise of construction designs;
  • Construction control right certificate No. 9 of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia.