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Italy (IT)


Consiglio Nazionale Degli Ingegneri

Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (CNI)
Via Quattro Novembre 114
00187 Rome


Phone:   +39 06 697 6701 
Fax:     +39 06 697 67050


Facts at your fingertips

The Consiglio does not have individual members. Engineers may enroll in the Albo (Register) of the Ordine Provinciale (which operate at the provincial level). Both the Consiglio and the Ordine Provinciale are involved in the continuing professional development of engineers. The Consiglio has 103 Ordini Provinciale located in each provincial capital in Italy. These Ordini maintain the Register (Albo). Enrolment in such a register is obligatory to practice the regulated activities. Each Ordine Provinciale is a legal entity according to Public Law. A detailed description of the role of the Ordine, as set out by legal Decree, appears in Chapter 7 of this publication.

 The Ordine run continuing professional development courses, organise cultural-technical evens and issue magazines or regular information to ensure members are informed and able to participate actively in the organisation. Many Ordini make information freely available through their own internet sites.

There are no associated societies.

The Consiglio Nazionale is a body set up by public law for the purpose of overseeing the organisation of the engineering sector at national level. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministero della Giustizia (Ministry of Justice).

The Consiglio of CNI is formed by eleven Councillors elected every three years. With regard to the legal establishment of the Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri, please refer to Chapter 7 of this publication for further details.

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