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The Association of Civil Engineers of Costa Rica, CIC, brings together all professionals in civil engineering graduates in the country. Currently it has approximately 5,000 engineers active in this profession.

This association belongs to the Association of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica, CFIA,   an institution whose main objective is to stimulate the progress of Engineering and Architecture, as well as science, arts and crafts linked to them.

The main goals of CIC are defined by the Organic Law of the CFIA, and among the main ones are stimulate progress of engineering, ensure the decorum of the profession and regulate the exercise of it. Similarly, the ICC has defined its mission as follows: "Promote the development of the country, promoting integrated solutions to national problems and lead the continuous improvement of ethical and civil engineering"

To accomplish this, the CIC has administrative support to the resolutions of the Board, directs its work towards fulfilling the key points of the mission, to the definition and coordination of actions related to the projection and control to the operation of the Association of Civil Engineers.

For internal administration, is based on a group of professionals in different areas responsible structure, not only to realize the guidelines dictated by the Executive Board but also to give quality service to professional members, who are customer which are recognized as the No. 1 of this Professional Association. It counts with the recognition of certification under ISO 9001: 2008 to ensuring continuous improvement in the services provided to professionals.

Board of the Civil Engineers Association -  Period 2015 - 2016

President: Eng. Carlos Villalta Villegas.

Vice President: Eng. Marcia Cordero Sandí

Secretary: Eng. Dirk Sander Mangel.

Finance: Eng Oscar Saborío Saborío.

Surrogate I: Eng Rolando Alvarado Coto.

Surrogate II: Eng Oscar Sanchez Zúñiga.

Control Board: Eng Ileana Aguilar Aguilar.

Among the activities performed for the integral development of professionals in Civil Engineering they are: Congresses, seminars, national and international tours, sporting events, cultural and social events.

It also has a training program to keep updated all professionals. Training courses are taught in person or virtual form.

It has a website ( where professionals can find information of interest. In addition to this, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are other means used to convey important information to engineers.