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The Association of "Support the Professional Development of civil engineers"(ACE) was created in Baku on the initiative of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction.
Form of legal establishment: Non-governmental voluntary organization, acting in accordance with Azerbaijan legislation and Statutes, registered in State Enterprises Register in 2016, reg. Nr. 1116-Q55-3398 The number of members in the organization is around 80.

Taking into consideration that Azerbaijan Republic signed the Agreement with European Union our first goal is to go to the Eurocode standards in design and construction. The aim and idea is using the wide experience of Association specialists to promote the professional development of civil engineers. Architects, Plumber engineers, gas supply and ventilation engineers, surveyors, geologist and hydraulics engineers, and all allied professionals associated with design and construction of an industry objects are also members of Association.

The main objective of the Association is to help improve the professional knowledge of civil engineers:

  • Participation in the preparation and development of the legislative and regulatory framework of investment - building activities;
  • in accordance with certain rules of participation in the preparation and implementation of programs by region and major investment projects in the discussions of these projects with the community, participation in technical committees, as well as participation in advisory councils, commissions, working groups established by the government bodies and leadership;
  • System for better training of workers employed in the investment -building industry organization to increase the number of experts in the industry. Certification of professional activity of specialists of the construction industry and other experts in accordance with the rules of law;
  • Assist and support the protection and promotion of which are in the intellectual property, discoveries, inventions, and scientific and technical work;
  • Participation in the organization and carrying out independent public examinations;
  • Participation in the creation of an enabling framework for the resolution of conflicts and disputes concerning the construction industry; protection of rights of members of the association;
  • Implementation of the journalistic, informational, promotional and exhibition activities;
  • Networking and joint projects with regional and international institutions, with various non-governmental organizations operating in the country and abroad;
  • Assistance in improving the knowledge and professional skills of Civil Engineers, as well as in enhancing the prestige of the profession of engineer-builder;
  • The study of international experience in the relevant fields, support for research;
  • Conduct research, organization of courses and seminars, round tables and meetings, exhibitions;
  • Cooperation with relevant state and local government agencies and international organizations.